Whether you are a publisher, business, charity, student, academic, author or self-publisher, I can help you maximise the potential of your piece of writing (no job is too small):

  • Word documents, marked up using track changes with comments
  • PDF documents, marked up using Adobe commenting tools (plus listed in a Word document if required)
  • paper or digital documents, marked up as required (including professional proof-correction symbols BS 5261C:2005).

Many people are surprised at the number of issues that a high-quality proofreader will uncover, and are pleased with the noticeable improvement in presentation of a completed project. It includes so much more than a standard spellcheck and grammar check!


Work is generally contracted on a fixed-price basis. Pricing is usually based on the level of edit/proofread and number of words involved, once a representative sample of work has been submitted. It will also depend on the timescales required for completion of work.

In some instances an estimate may be given based on the number of words and a representative sample, with the final invoice raised according to the number of hours worked.

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I aim to provide a professional, high-quality and thorough proofreading service, whilst respecting your work and not making unnecessary changes. This includes:

  • spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax and sense-checking
  • checking of (un)matched quotes, duplicate words, capitalisation
  • general knowledge fact-checking
  • consistency of layout, presentation and style
  • checking for acronyms (expanded when first mentioned)
  • basic index and reference-checking
  • checking labelling and order of tables and figures
  • headings, dates, number and list format-checking.

Automated proofreading tools are used to assist and improve quality and consistency where possible.

Rapid turnaround is sometimes possible but incurs a higher fee.

A limited copyediting and/or proof-editing service is available if required, which includes highlighting those aspects which may require further consideration, particularly in terms of timeframes or plotlines of novels. The text will not be rewritten but some suggestions of alternative words or phrases may be given. For academic work, suggestions may be made about the construction and arrangement of a piece of writing, and the development of a particular line of argument, but will not usually include any specific rewriting.

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