I provide a personal, professional proofreading and proof-editing service, tailored to help you achieve the best possible outcome with your piece of writing. I specialise in Christian topics, and also love all things Italian!


Consistency of style, layout, spelling, etc. is key to making a good impression with your writing: it improves the flow of words for the reader and reduces distractions, which may even be subconscious ones, allowing your words to produce their best possible impact.


Clarity is pretty important: your writing will make a much better impression if your train of thought is presented in a sensible progression, without overcomplicating or repeating ideas – unless of course, it is a really important point that needs emphasising.


Context is vital: your work needs to reflect your own character as well as being tailored to your particular target market. I will respect your style of writing and help you ensure your voice is heard in the way you are intending, whilst maintaining an appropriate level of presentation for the reader.


As a member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading I will maintain the standards of confidentiality expected of a professional proofreader. For more information please refer to www.ciep.uk


I will give you constructive feedback that should help you to improve your writing. I will always be ready to explain the decisions I have applied to your writing.


I will work with you to produce the best possible version of your work in the time available and for the agreed price.

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